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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy:

  • Under each description of a particular device or accessory write the type and duration of the warranty.
  • Any device or accessory that does not write in its details the type of warranty, please contact us to make sure that there is a warranty or not.
  • International guarantees are issued by the parent company, and you should check with the parent company to direct you where to go to maintain your device.
  • Local guarantees inside Saudi Arabia. You have to follow up with them, and the products that are shown to be under the guarantee of the local agent are subject to them and which fall under the requirements of their agent.
  • In the event that there is no maintenance branch in your site, we can serve you by sending the device to the branch, and we will enter it for maintenance on your behalf, bearing in mind that the shipping costs to and from the customer are at the customer’s expense.
  • We are a sales and distribution agency, not a maintenance agency, so we do not have any claim or legal prosecution regarding the maintenance party's refusal to maintain your device, and you must legally pursue them.
  • Your purchase from the store means that you agree to the terms of the warranty.

The warranty does not include misuse by the customer, such as:

Breakage, cutting, etc., and does not include covers, cases, and protection stickers

Because there is a certain limit of the endurance capacity, and its damage is from misuse

12 to 24 months dealer technology warranty

On electronic products and headphones

Mobile batteries and charging cable covered by the warranty as specified in the description