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Affiliate Marketing

What is our affiliate marketing?

It is to publish a discount code to your friends or followers, whether through WhatsApp, Snap, Twitter, Instagram or any other means, with an explanation of the discount, and anyone who uses the code that you published and completes the purchase from the store will give you a commission on each sale.

How much is my share of marketing?

You will be given 5% of every sale made through your discount code and it will be reviewed periodically.

How do I know how much I made profits?

You will be provided with a link to view your sales statistics and we advise you not to share them with anyone.

When will my marketing earnings be transferred?

At the beginning of each calendar month.

How do I start affiliate marketing?

Contact us on WhatsApp at +966544856585 or via email at to request to join the program and you will be provided with a discount code and a link to follow up on your sales and profits.


Subscription can be canceled by any party, whether (marketer) or (TechTajer) without any prior notice.